Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.The key to a excellent tree drainage system in Melbourne,Victoria,Australia’s, heavy clay based soils is to use a proven tree drainage system that drains excess water from the base, and from around the stem areas. It is vitally important for the tree drainage system to take excess water away both from both the roots, and the stem area, with absolutely zero pooling of excess water.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.If the water stagnates in these two key areas of tree drainage, your valued tree could develop stem- root rot issues and succumb.Prevention is the key with root- stem rot, as the remedies are expensive, and often do not stop the stem- root rot.The tree drainage system i use has been developed over 25 years of premier horticulture practices. Landscape Projects by Glen John TerryThe tree drainage system is a proven winner by planting thousands of trees successfully,¬†from tree growing nurseries,large golf estates to residential propeties.Iam so confident in my tree drainage system that i stand by my tree drainage system 100 %.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.

Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.My tree drain systems are designed my me ,installed to my detailed plans.The copywrite belongs to me and all plans/installations cannot be copied,photographed,etc,not limited to the latter.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.


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