Strawberries in May is the traditional month when new season strawberry plants become available in nurseries/garden centres.Plant your plants as early as possible, as root development in successful strawberry growing  is crucial.Condition the soil for healthy root development and fruit production.Existing runners from last seasons strawberry crop could be used.If using containers to grow ones strawberries be careful in selection, as some do not work well,these include some designs described as ‘strawberry’ containers.If using tantalised timber ensure it is constructed in  a way that prevents chemicals leeching into the soil, and being absorbed by the strawberry plants.Use a proven strawberry mix,a excellent one is 75% friable selected zoo compost,20% selected sawdust and 5% vermicast.Mix the latter mix in a wheelbarrow,then place a 5cm deep  base in your strawberry container/trough.Now sprinkle a layer of chicken/horse manure,add some fruit,root organic feed.Sheep pellets and blood and bone is a excellent mix as well.Cover the mix with more compost from the barrow to a depth suitable for planting new season strawberries.Different varieties of strawberries will do better or worse in different climates,choose yours wisely so that you get the best strawberries for all your effort.

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