Secrets of seed germination. There is a secret to aid germination of seeds,spray or soak the seeds in a seaweed extract solution.Check your garden soil temperature,if it is under 10 degrees and the  seeds you want to germinate can be sown in situ,here is a secret trick.Dig a trench 8cm deep by 5cm wide.Mow your lawn , take the fresh lawn clippings  and place them at the bottom of the trench to a compacted height of 5cm. Over this add 1 cm of top soil or compost,add garden lime and blood and bone. Cover with a little more compost. Space out you peas/beans and water in with a seaweed solution.The heat of the decomposing grass clippings will provide the heat to germinate the seeds.The latter secret for germinating seeds can be used for potatoes,kumera,pumpkin and melons.


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