If you would like to harvest your potatoes in about 90days during October/November plant about now.Dig a trench a spade or more depth in a sunny area of your garden.Under each sprouted potato place a small handful of sheep pellets,half a teaspoon a bio phosphate,a heaped teaspoon of complete trace elements, small handful of Neem tree powder.Sprinkle a little bit of Zoo Compost over the latter then sit your seed potato on top with eyes up.Cover with soil enriched with Zoo Compost to cover the sprouts which protects them from frosts.Everyday check the plantings,if any leaves show cover with your Zoo Compost enriched soil.Repeat this process until the trench is filled up and then start mounding to cover and protect the foliage.Once you have a good sized mound you can let the foliage go.If late frosts are on the cards cover with frost cloth.This method allows the haulm/stalk to produce new potatoes all the way up to where the foliage starts out of the soil,this increases the chance of a big crop of potatoes.Side dress the mound with Neem powder.

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