Landscape Estimates Landscape Projects.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.After landscape concept planning,detailed landscape planing, areas that area horticulture ready i.e excellent drainage conditions in all areas, plus my horticultural soil conditioning, for planting trees/plants,will be estimated ball park figure, piecemeal in designated detailed areas,i.e Area A,part of north facing bed for tree/shrub,ground cover,approximate length 32 meters,by 50 cm width,depth 10cm for my horticulture soil conditioning.If a cement/general contractor still has worked to complete on the site.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.I will require exact details of the start and completion dates of the latter works.I will recheck the site for issues of drainage,compaction,etc, and estimate after the latter is corrected.Allow two weeks for me to reassess the site. If you require me to meet your contractor to discuss,suggest, advice etc,i will require you to be present and sign off the details of discussions with your cement/general contractor.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.I will estimate and invoice you for the latter meetings. Advance payment will be presented to cover estimated labour,materials,collections,deliveries,etc.Once all areas are completed estimates will be finalised and invoiced.It is expedient to have each requirement of the site completed before the next step.i.e: drainage done,tick,soil conditioning,done,tick,irrigation done,tick,plants plants,tick,etc.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry

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