Growing Leeks Glen John Terry. Late winter,end of August, is the time to grow your own leeks from seeds.The goal is to produce pencil thick plants,that are ready to plant out December-February. You will need a nursery bed, which is a small area where one germinates, and then takes care of the Leek seedlings.Work out the latter area to your needs,then dig it out to a spade depth placing soil in a barrow.Glen John Terry. Mix half chook manure and soil. Leeks seeds are tiny,to help cut strips of newspaper one metre long by 5cm wide,paste one side with wallpaper paste. Place leeks seeds 30mm apart down the centre,leave to dry. Place a layer of fresh lawn clippings in nursery bed to 70mm with some chock manure,sprinkle garden lime on top.Glen John Terry. Now sieve some of the top soil/chock mix over the top to 20mm.Place seed strips on top,water with Seasol solution. Sieve some more of the soil/chock mix over the strips, water lightly. The heat from the decomposing lawn clippings will help germinate the seeds,just water lightly.Glen John Terry.

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