Grapes are a heady fun fruit to grow. They do require specific pruning, sometimes disease control, and general care to produce grapes that all full and tasty. Glen John Terry.

Grapes require a cool winter and a hot dry summer. Do some research of grapes suitable for you area. Glen John Terry.

Poor fertile free draining soil is ideal for grape growing. Vines are spur or cane pruned during Winter.Their or two main bugs that feed on the roots of grapes,both can be controlled with organic certified products. Diseases that are fungus related can be controlled with organic certified products.Removing leaves around the grape bunches helps air circulate and reduce fungus attacks. Grapes vines hate chemical herbicides around their roots,i suggest chopping them down when young. New season grapes vines should be available at your local nursery. Glen John Terry. If you need assistance with your grape growing call me on : 0449056130.

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