Its almost garlic planting time in May Gardening Melbourne.Mid-May To Mid July is the good time.A sunny sheltered spot.No frost covers as Garlic enjoys a frost.Dig over the spot,sweeten the soil correctly,add a suitable compost and organic feed.Plant about 10cm between seeds and 15cm between the rows.Pointy end of seed faces upwards,depth is 2.5 cm.Add a suitable good organic mulch, 10cm thick to prevent weeds coming up.Keep all areas around garlic weed free.Water the soil only,not the leaves, in the morning to help prevent rust  associated with garlic.Harvest after the leaves start to yellow,but while there are six green leaves on the plant,this occurs around mid January as a rule. Storing garlic involves leaving the leaves on so the bulb feeds of the drying leaves,making it larger, tastier , and more nutritious.Clean the bulb and leave for a few days to dry in a dry area.Once dry,the plant tissue is absorbent.Therefore tying in clumps of 5-10 by the leaves and hanging under a roof is a great idea to prevent fungus set in.

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