Gardening in March Glen John Terry well its been a ups turvy season here. Plants are confused to put it short. Anyway nothing i can do about that so i move on. Lots of green tomatoes but not enough heat to ripen so i will place some on the window sill to see what happens. I only planted three tomato plants that a i was given in November.Gardening in March Glen John Terry. In a normal year by December i would have had ripe fruit in buckets. Any way i put very little effort into my gardening this season. De budded the roses, feed flower/ fruit boost,which worked on the worlds most famous flower, but not on the tomatoes, a waste of time and money. Well i have started trimming the hedges,cutting back walls of white fragrant creepers. Tip pruning fragrant white flowering shrubs. I will do my regular autumn soil conditioning with hope of a proper spring and summer.Over and Out.Gardening in March Glen John Terry.We are in shut down in 48 hours to do our part to put COVID – 19 to rest. For me i will be getting in early and going hard , firing up the winter veggie garden, and hens for egg laying. Good luck to everyone.Gardening in March Glen John Terry.

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