Gardening in January Glen John Terry.Its been up and down in my gardening world. In the veggie garden i have in most part canceled this season due to unstable weather and smoke smog.Stable growing and light are important for veggies to preform.I only planted three tomato bushes grown from seed in mid November.One fruit is showing.This is a good indicator of performance. On better years i would have had fruit in abundance by mid December.Resting the veggie bed is a good thing.lets hope for better growing conditions in Spring 2020.Gardening in January Glen John Terry.The growing conditions are all over the place.Therefore i have cancelled this season.I will rest the vegetable beds sweeten the soils in autumn just a tad as they have not been used. Nitrogen levels are good so not necessary to adjust.Gardening in January Glen John Terry.On Australia Day i will do my big cut of certain summer flowering shrubs.Its a cut that used to be done in winter, but has proved its self now during these up and down weather patterns,a cutting change.Gardening in January Glen John Terry.

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