Gardening on November Glen John Terry. What a glorious morning,picture perfect,had to get the camera out and capture the moment. Its been cool for quite a while,the heat, and now back to cool.Most plants require stability, lets hope we do get some,but guess what we now have a snow prediction for the Australian Alps. Gardening on November Glen John Terry.As a result i do not expect the plants that have been holding back to spring forth until we get some constant warm. The worlds most famous flowers are absolutely full of buds, a couple of flowers here and there.I i expect for the Melbourne Cup they will burst fort in full bloom and colour. Its go time for the million dollar tomato, today is a good day, not perfect,but they need to go in,plant them deep with fruit boost in the bottom of the hole, and pray.Time to feed those famous summer citrus scented white flowering shrubs.The leaves could be yellowing,so time to feed before they defoliate. Gardening on November Glen John Terry.

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