Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.After concept planing the next step is detailed landscape planning.Part of the latter process is checking the site for excellent drainage.Plants/trees do not like wet feet, and will succumb if they sit in water.Drainage test holes will be dug,tested in your presence,explained,positioned on detailed landscape plan, and signed of by you as poor draining areas.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.I will suggest drainage  solutions to poor drainage areas.One solution maybe for your main concrete/general contractor of your driveways,concrete paths,etc,to correct the drainage issues on your behalf or your plumber.The latter in my experience is the most expedient path.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry. I can provide suggestions to the main contractor if required for a nominal fee.All poor draining areas will need to be dealt with, and have excellent drainage before trees/plants are delivered from the holding nursery,nursery, and planted in my horticultral soil conditioning for individual trees/shrubs.Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry.

The above is subject to terms and conditions, and not limited to the latter.

Landscape Projects by Glen John Terry

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