Citrus trees are a highly valuable trees that will supply one healthy fruit,they are attractive, and have heavenly scents.I personally think they have a delicious perfume when in flower.Citrus trees are a long term fruiting trees that one needs patience with,for the tree to reach a good size and have ample fruit to harvest every year.Citrus that have wet feet are a killer in wet winter times.I have seen mature citrus trees that have survived many years of life succumbing to root rot in a particular wet winter,or if there has been a change of water run-off due to alterations on a property.The ideal planting place for a citrus tree is in free draining soil,where it is very sunny and has some protection from prevailing winds.If you have a wet area where you wish to grow citrus then you could use my proven system for planting trees in wet areas.Sheep pellets ,blood and bone and a sprinkle of epsom salts is a good starter feed.Once they become more established i feed with chicken manure in Spring and latter in Summer,plus a monthly feed to enhance the fruit for maximum fruit taste.Cover the latter with a excellent organic compost that is friable.Pests that attack citrus trees are: scale,aphids,white fly,spider mites,mealy bugs and citrus borer.All pests are covered with my citrus application for bugs fortnightly, and root borne bugs twice a year.Lemon trees should be placed the other side of the house down wind  of prevailing winds from ones other citrus trees.I sweeten my citrus trees soil in Autumn/Winter.When planting out young grafted trees the stems will be open to the sun’s harmful rays,citrus do not enjoy heat on their stems,therefore we install sun protection to protect the stems, and grow the plant in a manner that the leaf canopy will provide shade to the sensitive stems of citrus trees.

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