Landscape Projects,design,construction, and maintenance is a premier landscaping service business of plus 25 years standing.Landscape Projects  are a provider of premier landscape design,landscape construction and landscape maintenance services. Landscape Projects provides premier landscape garden services from its North East Base of East Doncaster,Victoria,Australia.Landscape Projects  has many established premier landscape garden clients of long standing in the North East Suburbs of Melbourne. The regular premier gardens are situated in the suburbs of:

Balwyn,Balwyn-North,Templestowe,Camberwell,Kew,East Kew,Mount Albert,East Doncaster,Doncaster,and Nunawading.

Landscape Projects Design provides a premier landscape design service.The Landscape Projects garden design service provides modern up to date concept drawings, and detailed plans for its landscape clients.

Landscape Projects Design provides a garden landscape design service that is council accredited for clients applying for building permit approval.

Its a good time to De-Head your Rose Bushes

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