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    Why Not Grow You own Leeks ? Go to my pages for Tip and Tricks.

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    Lawn Grub Glen John Terry.After the light rains of late soils would have been softened.Check for lawn grub,if you have them its a perfect time to treat the soil to prevent your lawn looking like the above photograph, all patchy bear spots.I like to use natural sprays on my lawns.Lawn ...







Welcome to my pages for Landscape Projects Glen John Terry. If you are looking for a appoachable qualified horticulturist as your next landscape gardener, with plus 25 years of diverse practical landscaping experience, insured,trade verified,police checked, reliable,with contactable and written references from clients from 10 years plus in Melbourne,then you have come to the right place.

If you are serious about having a beautiful designed,landscaped and maintained landscaped garden to come home to  enjoy look at after a hard days work, please contact me on 0449056130 to tee up a time to meet and chat about your garden dreams and requirements.

I have regular landscape maintenance garden runs that are established,plus 10 years, in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. From time to time i do have space available for extra gardens in these established runs. Please contact me on: 0449056130 in advance so that i can try fit your garden into our regular runs.

All my regular gardens are maintained to bespoke garden standards. Soils are tested annually and and fine tuned with natural soil conditioners.This keeps plants in premium health and top blooming capacity.Our rose gardens are fit to present to the Queen.Lawns are ph tested and corrected over winter,feed in spring to ensure thick healthy living carpets that help show the garden beds off.


Landscape designing is mostly in demand during the cooler months for planting in Spring or Autumn, depending on the garden design.Landscape construction commences late winter for gardens to be installed in Spring or Early Autumn,depending on the design.I design,install and maintain landscape gardens.I have designed tiny intimate gardens to huge estates,game ranches,lodges in New Zealand/Australia/Africa to many residential properties,they are all bespoke and one off,timeless designs,to last a life time and provide joy for you and your family for a life time.

All The Best in Landscape Gardening Glen John Terry.

Landscape Projects Misty Spring Garden

Landscape Projects Misty Spring Garden

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